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See Mrs. Gray, she's proud today...

I've been really surprised how much I enjoy having a little garden. When we moved in in January, there obviously wasn't anything in our backyard. I've done little so far to the flowerbeds except clear away a few weeds and lots of dead leaves and sticks, and all these amazing plants keep jumping up out of nowhere. First it was a random pair of daffodils (I felt vaguely cheated - TWO daffodils? Is that the extent of my garden?) then suddenly, all these plants for which I have no names started sprouting out of the ground. Out of nowhere, suddenly I had some bleeding hearts, and interesting ferny things, and then, one day, an azalea bush suddenly exploded into gorgeous bright pinks. Now they've faded and I've got a monster rose bush (that desperately needs trimming, actually.)

Our nemesis so far has been the lawn. Grass is hard!! The previous owners told us that some of it tended to die out in the winter, so we bought some soil and fertilizer and seeds (deep shade, since we get little sunlight back here) and raked over the straggles of grass left at the edges of the plot, and the bare earth in the middle, and planted some grass. The weather was ideal - cool but not too cold, with tons of rain. In about two weeks, the existing grass was getting a little tall, and new shoots were springing up in most places. Unfortunately, so were gigantic weeds. These things were gargantuan - dinner plate size - and surrounded by delicate growths of new grass! Now we had a dilemma - to remove the weeds (and destroy the new grass) or let them keep growing until the new grass was a little stronger and risk having a lawn consisting more of weeds than of grass? We did a little weeding, which resulted in a bare patch in one segment of lawn, and a little spraying of a weed killer that claimed to kill weeds but not grass (it totally lied - so we have a big patch of dead yellow grass now). The season for planting new grass is pretty much gone, and I can only hope that the crabgrass spreads to fill in the holes. Any advice for next season is appreciated...
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